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Michael Droste-Laux Blossom Tea Filter Bags – 50 g

Supports the liver function. Most of the metabolic processes function at their best when the body fluids are slights alkaline. The liver plays the most important role because it rids the body of the excess acid ions. This traditional blossom tea supports the liver function, and as a result, the acid-base regulation. By consuming 3-4 cups of blossom tea daily can reduce the pH value of urine. An increased amount of urine is worth pursuing, especially for those seeking to lose weight or those who are prone to urinary stones. The vibrant colour of the blossom, with its natural scent caresses the sense of taste and emphasize its extraordinarily distinct character. The blossom tea is reminiscent of a journey through lavender fields in Provence. It is processed by hand to maintain all the valuable sustances that are contained in blossoms and herbs. The blossom tea exhibts a strong infusion. It has, as the experts say, a “seductive note” and is welcomed by people who enjoy its elaborateness. Tip: Optimal quantity: 3 cups in the morning, 2 cups at midday (not during a meal), 1 cup in the afternoon; additionally 1 liter of still water to be consumed during the course of the day. Ingredients: 100 g contain: 25 g Wild Rose, 24 g Heather Flowers, 16 g Elderflower, 10 g Field Elm, 10 g Primrose , 8 g Lavender Flowers, 7 g Hibiscus Flowers. Michael Droste-Laux uses unbleached, fine-pored filter paper without adhesives

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