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FLOW Heather Herbal Hair Rinse

Vegan conditioner made in Finland Heather Herbal Hair Rinse is a vegan conditioner that provides dry and damaged hair with the care it requires. Hair becomes softer and given beautiful shine. The conditioner contributes to prolonger your hair colour. Application: Use in combination with the solid shampoos. Shake well. Mix 10 ml of conditioner in 100 – 200 ml of warm water. Use only half of the recommended quantity if you have short hair. Cleanse with a shampoo, rinse well and towel dry. Apply the diluted conditioner to the towel-dried hair. Leave on as a leave-in conditioner or rinse. Note: More product than intended may emerge from the tube upon first use. This may hinder the dosage (depending on the amount of pressure that is present during the packaging process).

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