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Feinstoff Organic Chia Powder

Protein-rich powder Chia protein powder by Feinstoff is a protein-rich powder. “Chia” translated means strength, which is the reason it is considered a superfood. These nutrients contained support the body during sporting activities, such as running and working out. Ready, set, go! What can chia do for you? Proteins contribute to maintaining muscle mass. How can chia be used? Mix 1 – 2 teaspoons with 1/8 l of water. The water transforms into a gel-like consistency almost instantly. Good to know Chia is complemented very well with hempseeds. Together they form a compact protein sports shake! Nutrient Information per 100 g per Tbsp. (15g) Energy 348 kcal / 1457 kJ 52 kcal / 219 kJ Fat 12 g 1,8 g Fatty Acids 1,4 g 0,2 g Carbohydrates 11 g 1,7 g Sugar 0,3 g 0 g Fibre 48 g 7,2 g Protein 36 g 5,4 g Salt 0,5 g 0,1 g Ingredients: Chia protein powder 100 % (Salvia hispanica)*, no additives. * certified organic

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