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CMD Certified Organic Jojoba Oil

Versatile care for skin & hair! The Jojoba plant (Buxus chinensis) is a desert shrub that thrives primarily in the deserts of West America. The leaves of the plant are of a leathery texture and the taproot can still get moisture from depth of 10 m. The oil from the seeds was highly appreciated by the natives of the desert and known as “liquid gold”. Since the jojoba oil is actually a plant wax, it is becomes hazy and solid below 8°C, but liquifies again at room temperature. Repeated hardening and liquifying has no influence of the quality of the jojoba oil. The special properties of jojoba oil: It absorbs quickly into the skin without becoming greasy. It makes skin soft and supple, which is very beneficial for a dry skin. It is even recommended for sensitive skin, since it is very well tolerated. The CMD jojoba oil is a 100% pure vegetable product, which is not chemically altered, and is obtained through gentle, cold pressing. Application possibilities: Face care · For sensitive dry skin, as well as combination skin. Apply a thin layer as protection during the day. · May be used to gently remove eye makeup and simultanously prevents the formation of wrinkles around the eyes. Body care After showering or also suitable as a massage oil for dry, rough but also normal skin. Also recommended for the care of sensitive baby skin. Hair care Pure or as a nourishing hair pack mixed with essential oils for dry hair and irritated scalp. Ingredients: Buxus chinensis

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