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Radico Organic Herbal Powder Blend

3-fold plant power This special powder combination by Radico is perfect for promoting hair growth and reducing the formation of dandruff. Active ingredients: Amla: supports hair growth, strengthens the roots of the hair, conditions, moisturises, counteracts hair loss and provides shine. Reetha: natural shampoo that promotes hair growth, improves the texture and volume of the

Phitofilos Pure Bhringraj Powder

Pampering hair care Bhringraj powder is also referred to as maka and popular as a beauty treatment. It is ideal for hair loss, colour fading while soothing, nourishing and increasing shine and fullness. Application: Mix the powder with hot water mix using a non-metal spoon until a paste is formed. Apply an even layer on

Radico Organic Neem Powder

Antibacterial powder that conditions the hair Neem, with its antibacterial properties, guards sensitive scalp against irritation while providing an intensive cleanse. It serves as an insecticide that fights head lice. Application: Form a paste by combining the powder with hot water. Apply to wet hair. Leave on for 10 – 20 minutes and rinse with

Phitofilos Clarifying Hair Treatment

Sebum-regulating care for the scalp The perfect hair treatment to counteract the formation of dandruff as well as oiliness and dryness. It is made up of a blend of rosemary, neem, marshmallow, burdock, dandelion and saw palmetto as well as soothing and sebum-regulating active ingredients. The treatment is rich in functional and effective mucilage, pectins

Radico Ayurvedic Hair Oil

All-round care for beautiful hair A true all-rounder among hair care products. This hair oil reduces the formation of dandruff, minimises hair loss and prevents premature greying. It ensures healthy and shiny hair. Application: Warm the oil and apply to the scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse with water or a shampoo. Ingredients

Urtekram Rosemary Spray Conditioner Leave In

Nourishes & moisturises The wonderful Rosemary Spray Conditioner Leave In by Urtekram possesses excellent conditioning properties. It is specially developed to nourish and moisturise fine hair. Thus, the natural softens of the hair is maintained. Hair is effortlessly detangled. Application: Shake well before use. Spray on dry or damp hair and distribute. No-rinse formula.

Whamisa Organic Seeds Hair Essence – 20 ml

Intensive nourishing care for a shiny head of hair The light-weight, organic hair care product protects fine and/or damaged hair. Precious ingredients such as calamus, barley, sesame seeds, oats, soy and mung beans supply the strands with nutrients for beautifully natural shine. Argan oil, olive oil, camellia oil and aloe vera provide intensive moisture while

Logona Mineral Clay Pre-Treatment

Optimal preparation for plant-based hair dyes The pre-treatment not only intensively cleanses the hair but also serves to improve the absorptive action of plant-based hair dyes. For a radiant and beautiful colour result while ridding the strands from any styling product build-up such as silicone. Application: Using the LOGONA dye brush, apply to dry or

Alkemilla Eco Bio Cosmetic K-HAIR Scalp Scrub

Effective & moisturising in a natural way This scrub removes impurities, dirt particles and build-up from the scalp, frees the pores and promotes oxygen supply to the roots of the hair. Hair growth is thus stimulated. A formula that is rich in nourishing, organic plant extracts such as linseed, lemon, coconut, raspberry, blackcurrant and blueberries.

Cocosolis Hair Oil

Intensive care for your hair The revitalising oil provides regenerative care that strengthens the structure of the hair and protects it from split ends. Vitamins and minerals contained in the oil nourish and soften the strands for a silky feel. Hair breakage is counteracted, dryness is prevented and hair growth promoted. Application: Sun & beach:

Provida Organics Nettle Hair Tonic

Strengthening hair lotion & scalp care product An itchy scalp, dandruff, oil hair or even hair loss are clear indicators that the natural balance of the skin has been disrupted. The Nettle Hair Tonic developed by Provida can contribute to restoring the skin’s balance. Nettle ensures the skin is regenerated and various plant extracts care

Provida Organics Coconut Hair Treatment

Beautiful-looking hair is attainable with a natural, regenerating oil Dry, dandruff-prone and dull hair is given a conditioning boost thanks to the Coconut Hair Treatment created by Provida. A mix of coconut oil, various vitamins and minerals mends, promotes hair growth and restores the structure of the hair. For renewed shine and beautiful tresses. Application:

Provida Organics Bach-Flowers Baby Shampoo

Because babies deserve only the best! This shampoo provides a pleasant cleanse that is mild on the skin. The 5-flower composition has harmonising and balancing properties that unfold on the scalp and hair. Application: Work a small amount into the hair, lather with water and massage the scalp for a few moments. Rinse thoroughly thereafter.

FLOW Juniper Herbal Hair Rinse

Silky-smooth shine & natural care This hair rinse ensures gorgeous shine while stimulating hair growth. It cleanses oily hair and simultaneously soothes an itchy scalp in a mild way. Colour brilliance is prolonged. The conditioner removes any shampoo residues and restores the natural pH value of the skin. Application: Use in combination with the solid

FLOW Heather Herbal Hair Rinse

Vegan conditioner made in Finland Heather Herbal Hair Rinse is a vegan conditioner that provides dry and damaged hair with the care it requires. Hair becomes softer and given beautiful shine. The conditioner contributes to prolonger your hair colour. Application: Use in combination with the solid shampoos. Shake well. Mix 10 ml of conditioner in

Suncoat Natural Anti-Frizz Hair Calming Serum

Tames the hair The natural serum with its innovative formula tames flyaways while soothing the scalp. An extraordinary, sugar-based formula is enriched with camellia oil, linseed and vitamin E that increases shine and protects the hair. 100% natural sugar-based formula vegan alcohol-free silicone-free Application: After shampooing and conditioning apply a generous amount of serum to

Bjobj Sun Hair Oil

Protects the hair from the effects of the sun This organic oil protects the hair from the effects of the sun, seawater or swimming pool water. It prevents dryness and counteracts hair damage, ensuring softness and shine. The hair care product is rich in macadamia and linseed oils and is packed with vitamin E. Use

Radico Organic Manjistha Powder

Very effective yet mild on the skin Radico’s Manjistha Powder has proven to be extremely helpful in combating hair loss. Even stubborn dandruff is gently prevented, while at the same time a sensitive and damaged scalp can benefit greatly from its properties. The powder is perfect for darkening hair in a gentle way and also

MaterNatura Coconut Oil with Tiare Flowers

Versatile hair care MaterNatura’s Coconut Oil with Tiare Flowers cares for dry, chemically treated hair as well as hair that is damaged by environmental factors. The oil fortifies and increases shine. A true moisture boost that mends split ends and tames frizz. The oil is rich in vitamin E and possesses an intoxicating scent. Application:

Fitocose Millet & Sabal Hair Lotion

Natural hair care with strengthening effect The Millet & Sabal Hair Lotion by Fitocose is rich in plant extracts and was specially developed to counteract hair loss and promote hair growth in a natural way. Application: Shake well before use. Apply 5 – 10 drops of lotion to the affected areas of the scalp on