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Wegwartehof Success Tea

Recharge your batteries! Exquisite Demeter herbal tea. Success is the source of one’s own awareness! Ingredients: Orange mint, raspberry leaf, spearmint, lemon thyme, calendula, mallow. Controlled organic agriculture & Demeter.

Wegwartehof Haa-tschi! Tea

For sore throats & runny noses Exquisite Demeter herbal tea. Sore throats and runny noses are soothed and cared for. Ingredients: mint, raspberry leaves, apple mint, thyme, sage, mallow, marigold. Controlled organic agriculture & Demeter.

Wegwartehof Witches Tea

Provides strength and well-being Exquisite Demeter herbal tea. Enjoy magical moments! Discover your own power and well-being. Ingredients: hazelnut leaves, mild mint, lemon thyme, blackberry, calendula, lavender, verbena, lime blossom, Oswegoblute, hollyhock. Controlled organic agriculture & Demeter.

Wegwartehof Hero’s Tea

Energy & vitality for new adventures! Exquisite Demeter herbal tea for small and large heroes. These herbs awaken underlying powers. Energy and vitality for new adventures! Ingredients: Apple mint, blackberry, peppermint, orange mint, raspberry leaf, marigold, Holler flower, sunflower blossoms. Controlled organic agriculture & Demeter.

Yogi Tea Finest Selection

Test 9 Yogi tea varieties The Finest Selection of Yogi Tea contains 9 different types of tea (2 tea bags per variety): Classic Ginger Lemon Detox Sweet Chai Women’s Balance Bedtime Throat Comfort Chocolate Green Energy Preparation: Place one tea bag in a cup and add 250 ml boiling water. Let tít brew for about

Yogi Tea Fresh Spirit

Refresh – clarifying – balancing Fresh spirit by Yogi Tea is perfect enjoyment after a long, hard day. The wonderfully natural chocolate flavour promotes relaxation, while the fresh and cooling mint clears the head. Vanilla, cardamom and black pepper give the tea its finishing touches. Preparation: Place one tea bag in a cup and add

Wegwartehof Demeter Mare’s Milk Capsules

Strengthens the immune system The Mare’s Milk Capsules support the immune system. Mare’s milk is one of the most nutritious, strengthening and healthiest drinks provided by nature. Store in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct light. Note: Nutritional supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended

Santaverde Pure Aloe

100 % pure aloe vera juice. Only the pure, undiluted juice from fresh Aloe Vera leaves, grown in our organically farmed fields, is used in Pure Aloe, aloe vera juice. The leaves have stored Andalusian sunlight for years until harvest time, and the precious juice contains a natural combination of hundreds of vital, organically active

Weleda Sea Buckthorn (Syrup) Elixir, organic

Made with sun-ripened sea buckthorn berries Directions for use: Dilute in water, tea or milk to create a powerful beverage with a delectable flavour. It also refines curd cheese, yoghurt or muesli. Suitable for vegetarians. Weleda´s organic juices and elixirs are free from synthetic preservatives, colourants, flavours and sweeteners. Ingredients: Sugar*; Pure Sea Buckthorn Juice

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Juice, organic

Made from fresh, sun-ripened sea buckthorn berries This juice is made using fresh, sun-ripened sea buckthorn berries to create a flavourful, wholesome beverage. Directions for use: Add to water or tea to create a tasty and powerful beverage. Also refined curd cheese, yoghurt or muesli. Suitable for vegans. Weleda´s organic juices and elixirs are free

Weleda Blackthorn Elixir (Syrup), organic

From organic wild collection Made from ripened, organically grown sloe berries from organic wild collection. Directions for use: Add to water, tea or milk to create a tasty beverage. It is recommended to enjoy as a warm, tasty beverage at nighttime. Suitable for vegetarians. Not suitable for diabetics. Weleda´s organic juices and exixirs are free

Wegwartehof Demeter Powdered Mare’s Milk

Strengthens the immune system This powdered mare’s milk was carefully freeze-dried, is practically packaged and resealable. May be used as a 40 day treatment or to compliment everyday life – Demeter quality. Three doses are recommended for the period of 40 days. Mare’s milk supports the immune system and is one of the strengthening, most

Wegwartehof Breakfast Tea

Fills you with happiness throughout the day! Exquisite Demeter herbal tea Start your day off strong and enjoy this precious moment! Ingredients: peppermint, lemon balm, thyme, blackberry, mint, calendula, bee balm. Controlled organic agriculture & Demeter

Wegwartehof Evening Tea

End your day on a delicious note! Exquisite Demeter herbal tea. Gentle flavour for relaxation. Leave the day behind you. Enjoying every moment to the fullest. Ingredients: Apple mint, lemon balm, blackberry leaves, thyme, marigold, mallow, linden blossom. Controlled organic agriculture & Demeter.

Wegwartehof Friendship Tea

Shared enjoyment! Drink exquisite Demeter herbal tea. Let yourself be seduced by the various herbal composition flavours. Ingredients: Apple mint, blackberry, elderberry blossom, calendula, bee balm. Controlled organic agriculture & Demeter.

Wegwartehof Meditation Tea

Enjoy the uniqueness of the moment! Exquisite Demeter herbal tea Blissful relaxation that gently unfolds. Enjoy pure indulgence and the uniqueness of the moment! Ingredients: Cologne mint, raspberry leaves, thyme, lemon balm, marigold, rose petals. Controlled organic agriculture & Demeter.

Weleda Birch Active Juice

Made from birch leaves Carefully selected, young birch leaves from organic wild harvest are mixed with fresh lemon juice from bio-dynamic agriculture to create a flavourful beverage. The natural birch leaf content is maintained. The Birch Active Juice is sugar-free thus perfect for diabetics. Directions for use: Shake well before consumption. Dilute with water, tea,