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PHB Ethical Beauty Sugar Scrub Avocado & Olive – Avocado & Olive

Intensively nourishes the skin! 100% Natural exfoliating scrub to buff your way to smoother, brighter skin. Perfect for bath and shower. Exfoliate and nourish your skin with PHB’s 100% Fresh & Natural Handmade Sugar Scrubs. These bundles of goodness combine pure Sugar Cane with rich Cocoa Butter and nourishing plant oils. PHB Sugar Scrubs gently

Najel Black Aleppo Soap – Eucalyptus – 180 g

The oriental secret to silky soft skin! Use Najel black soap for an oriental scrub in the purest tradition of the Hammam. Exfoliate your body every week to make your skin healthy and soft again. Its added extra: the antiseptic and refreshing action of Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Application: For a smooth and exfoliated skin like

Najel Black Aleppo Soap – Eucalyptus – 1 kg

The oriental secret to silky soft skin! Use Najel black soap for an oriental scrub in the purest tradition of the Hammam. Exfoliate your body every week to make your skin healthy and soft again. Its added extra: the antiseptic and refreshing action of Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Application: For a smooth and exfoliated skin like

Foot Scrub Bar with Dead Sea Salt & Orange

For wonderfully soft & refreshed feet! This 100% natural exfoliating by PHB contains Dead Sea salt and orange to nourish your tired feet. Ideal for bath & shower! This Scrub Bar by PHB nourishes the skin with salt from the Dead Sea. It’s fresh, natural and handmade and is rich in nourishing cocoa butter. Dead

Urtekram Organic Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Particularly gentle, but still effective Particularly gentle, but still effective. When it comes to your skin, you don’t have to worry about using lots of sugar. Your skin will be pampered with lots of moisture, and it has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Ingredients (INCI): Saccharum officinarum*, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil*, simmondsia chinensis seed oil*,

Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Scrub

Moisturizing Scrub for Dry Skin. This moisturising exfoliater is perfect for dry skin & dull complexions. It is a nourishing blend of moisturising almond & mango butters with fairtrade brown sugar, sweet orange for aiding the removal of dead skin & geranium & rejuvenating myrrh for a fresh complexion. How to use: Apply to the

Domus Olea Toscana Anti-Aging Peeling Mask for Face & Body – 50 ml

Nourishing Skincare & Thorough Cleansing Exfoliating cleanser and anti-age mask in a single product, specifically developed to deeply cleanse the skin and to enrich it with antioxidants in a single daily or weekly gesture. Ideal for mature skin in need of nourishment and of thinning of thickened skin to find a young brightness. Great for

CMD Naturkosmetik Sandorini Peeling Cream Mini Size

Gently removes dead skin cells This peeling cream gently removes dead skin particles without irritating the skin and provides a smooth, even skin texture. In addition, it promotes blood circulation of the skin and helps it to regenerate faster. Tip: The massage effect helps to prevent cellulite on the thighs. This product is 100% vegan.

Avril Organic Body Scrub

Gently cleanses & softens the skin This body scrub by Avril cleanses gently and efficiently with organic sugar, rice powder and almond shells. The organic grapefruit essential oil leaves your skin with a fresh and fruity fragrance. Application: Apply on dry or damp skin. Rub in gentle motions and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Then

Najel Dead Sea Water Concentrate

Gentle exfoliation for skin & scalp The Dead Sea contains salt and the most mineral-rich water on Earth. The Dead Sea water is extremely beneficial for personal hygiene because it consists of 21 minerals including a large amount of magnesium, potassium and calcium. It soothes, purifies and regenerates the skin and soothes skin problems. Thanks

veg-up Citrus Fruits Draining Body Scrub

Fresh skincare with 100% natural exfoliating effect The body scrub has a pleasant gel consistency that removes dirt and dead skin cells for a silky-smooth skin feel. The scrub does not cause any irritations and stimulates microcirculation. Application: Apply the scrub to dry skin using circular motions. Rinse with warm water. Ingredienti: Aqua, Maris sal,

Absolute Ritual Ruby Cleansing Body Scrub

Deep-cleansing scrub for smoother & more radiant complexion The body scrub has a refined and relaxing fragrance that revitalises and remineralises the skin thanks to its blend of precious natural oils and ruby crystals. Skin is left feeling smooth, firm and silky soft while the scrub promotes the nutrient absorption of subsequent skincare products. Application:

Acorelle Source of Serenity Delight Body Scrub

Removes dead skin cells & hydrates the skin The body scrub contains a host of unique selected ingredients that serve to delight the skin. What’s new is that the scrub can be used on dry skin – once in contact with the skin, the creamy texture transforms into an oil. When mixed with water the

Farfalla daily pleasure Shower Scrub

Gives you beautifully even, smooth skin! This body exfoliant gives you beautifully even, smooth skin thanks to its fine-grained exfoliating granulates derived from cranberries, organic cherry blossom and fig extract. Application: Spread a small amount on moist skin; gently rub it onto the skin to exfoliate before rinsing it off. Enjoy the velvety, sunny feel

Bjobj Revitalising Body Scrub

Fragrant exfoliant The salt component contained in the scrub removes dead skin cells and leave a pleasant, revitalising feel on the skin thanks to the properties of organic eucalyptus. Sunflower oil provides the skin with a silky-soft feel. nickel tested (

Bjobj Exfoliating Body Scrub

Removes dead skin cells & conditions The natural body scrub removes dead skin cells with the help of cane sugar for a silky-soft skin feel while the fruity fragrance obtained from fresh oranges and lemons captivate the senses. nickel tested (

Farfalla silhouette miracle Body Scrub

For beautifully even, soft & silky skin. Using this skin care product will leave your skin beautifully even and smooth, thanks to the peeling sugar crystals. Precious organic jojoba and coconut oils give your skin that silky touch. Ideal preparation for any subsequent care. Application: Distribute a small amount on moist skin, gently rub in

Yes Please Scented Orange Scrub Sorbet – 423 ml

Exhilarating cleanser for your skin The Scented Orange Scrub Sorbet removes dead skin cell with captivating the senses with its exhilarating citrus fragrance. The scrub is enriched with precious argan oil and organic maca extracts. Application: Apply the scrub to wet skin and rinse with clear water. The scrub may need to be stirred before

Martina Gebhardt Peeling Soft Face & Decollete

Gentle cleansing for normal to oily skin types A scrub that does not irritate the skin! This product cleanses the face and decolleteĀ in a very gentle yet thorough way while having a soothing effect on the skin thanks to the inclusion of quince and rose. It is recommended for normal to oily skin types, and

Yes Please Aromatic Spice Scrub Sorbet – 423 ml

A wonderful blend of plant extracts, oils & sea salt The Aromatic Spice Scrub Sorbet deeply cleansing the skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving behind a silky-smooth skin feel. A delectably fragrant scrub that contains a combination of sea salt, grapeseed oil, green tea extracts as well as essential oils derived from sage and