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Biopark Cosmetics Organic Sweet Orange Oil

Very sweet scent Purpose of use: Air freshening (diffuser).  The essential oil is cold-pressed from the peels of sweet oranges. It has an orange colour and a sweet, citrus scent, much like the orange peels it is derived from, only more intense and concentrated. It has antidepressant, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, carminative, cordial, deodorant, digestive, stimulant (nervous),

Biopark Cosmetics Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

Refreshing & stimulating Purpose of use: Air freshening with an evaporator. Biopark Tea Tree Essential Oil is made using steam distillation from the Tea Tree leaves. It has a clear or pale yellow color and a typical scent €“ very fresh and medicinal with herbal undertones. It is known to stimulate the immune system. A

Biopark Cosmetics Petitgrain Essential Oil

Energizing and rebuilding Use: This essential oil comes from India and can be used as an air freshener. It is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of orange tree and has a fresh, woody fragrance with fruity notes and a light green color. Petitgrain is energetic and rebuilding, promotes the intellect and reduces anger,

Osterr. Bergkrauter 7 Dwarves Cuddly Mouse

Makes for a happy, positive atmosphere The 7 Dwarves mouse has been developed especially for children. The cute shape makes for a happy, positive atmosphere. Helps against small aches and promotes a restful sleep. Application: Heat for several minutes over medium heat in the oven or on a radiator. Note: Do not heat in the microwave!

Osterr. Bergkrauter Lavender Scented Satchet

Soothing fragrance for your home The lavender scented satchet brings the calming effects of lavender to your home. It can be placed in the entrance hall, bathroom, linen closet or nursery. Attention! This product is made with love from different fabrics for you. Therefore, the color of the delivered product may vary from those shown

Biopark Cosmetics Organic Lavender Oil

Sweet, green, calming scent Purpose of use: Air freshening with an evaporator. Steam distilled from the flower heads of Lavender. It has pale yellow color with a tint of green and has a sweet, green, calming scent that speaks well of therapy. It is credited as being an analgesic, anticonvulsive, antidepressant, anti-phlogistic, anti-rheumatic, antispasmodic, carminative,

Biopark Cosmetics Organic Lemongrass Oil

Herbaceous, lemony scent Purpose of use: Air freshening (diffuser).  Biopark Lemongrass Essential Oil is made by steam distilling lemongrass leaves. It has a light yellow colour a strong, lemony and herbaceous scent. Lemongrass is known for its invigorating properties. It can be used in facial toners as its astringent properties help counteract acne and oily skin.

Biopark Cosmetics Cajeput Essential Oil

Clears the airways & relieves coughing Use: This essential oil is from Australia and can be used as an air freshener. It is obtained by steam distillation of the Cajeput leaves and has a clear to pale yellow color and a pleasant fresh fragrance reminiscent of eucalyptus and camphor, but also has fruity notes. This

Biopark Cosmetics Thyme Essential Oil

Promotes concentration and relieves respiratory problems Use: This essential oil comes from India and can be used as an air freshener. It is obtained by steam distillation of thyme and has a reddish-yellow to brown color and an intense, bitter, spicy fragrance. This oil strengthens the nerves and promotes concentration and memory, but also alleviates

Biopark Cosmetics Helichrysum (Immortelle) Essential Oil

Alleviates depression & sleeplessness Usage: This essential oil comes from Hungary and can be used as an air freshener. It is obtained by steam distillation of Immortelle petals and has a golden yellow to reddish color and an intense, spicy-woody scent that is reminiscent of grass and honey. This oil is often used for the

Pranarom “Citronel’Plus” Aroma Blend

For quiet nights free of insect bites A fragrant blend that ensures a peaceful sleep free from insect bites. This fragrance blend of Pranarom was developed for spending warm summer days and summer evenings without annoying pests. It consists of an aromatic scent composition, which is a contrast to the more aggressive fragrance of citronella.

Pranarom “Eucaly’Plus” Aroma Blend

The perfect mix to breathe easy! A fragrance mixture which cleans and clears your airways. This refreshing scent composition lets you instantly breathe easy again. It represents a well-balanced mixture with elegant notes, which is suitable both for evaporation and for inhalation. The perfect mix for clear airways! Made from 100% natural essential oils. Application:

Pranarom Immuno’Plus Aroma Blend

Strengthens your natural defenses! A fragrant blend that provides vitality and zest for life. With a warm, fruity fragrance. Made of 100% natural essential oils. Application: Suitable for use in an aroma nebulizer. The duration and intensity depends on the room size. Safety: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use in rooms of

Pranarom “Meditation” Aroma Blend

Open your mind! A meditative, spiritual fragrance composition to harmonize the atmosphere and initiate meditation. This fragrant blend of Pranarom contains fine oils and herbal extracts (Himalayan nard, cinnamon), which were used by ancient civilizations for spiritual purposes and are ideal for reflection and meditation. In the background of this fragrance gentle citrus notes can

Pranarom “Provence” Aroma Blend

Relaxing & warm A delicate scent of lavender and rosemary, which directly contributes to Provence! This fragrance blend has a very characteristic aroma with floral notes combined with lavender and round, clear notes of rosemary, topped off with a hint of citrus. This velvety, wonderfully fragrant composition contains relaxing balsamic accents reminiscent of a summer

Biopark Cosmetics Rosemary Essential Oil

Fresh, strong, woody, balsamic, herbal minty scent Purpose of use: Suitable as an air freshener in combination with a diffuser. Description and usage: The oil is extracted from the rosemary leaves using a steam distilling method. It has a pale yellow colour and a fresh, strong, woody, balsamic and herbal minty scent. Rosemary oil is

Pranarom “Zen” Aroma Blend

Soothes & harmonizes the body & spirit! Calms, relaxes and harmonizes the body & spirit! This wonderful aromatic blend actively promotes calmness and relaxation. Thanks to its soothing properties it feels mentally balancing and helps reduce pressure, tension and stress. The delicate fragrance of cedar along with the citrusy notes provides an extraordinary fragrance experience!

Biopark Cosmetics Rosewood Essential Oil

Warm and woody scent Purpose of use: Suitable as an air freshener in combination with a diffuser. Description and usage: The essential oil is extracted using the steam distilling method. It has a clear to pale yellow colour and has a fantastic warm and woody scent, while at the same time being both floral and

Pranarom “Citrus” Aroma Blend

Gives energy & and a sense of well-being! A subtle, invigorating citrus scent for a source of energy and well-being! Orange, mandarin, grapefruit and lime are combined in this subtle fragrance mix and are refined with the fine aroma of petitgrain. A perfect scent that is at first stimulating and revitalizing, then relaxing and cheerful.

Biopark Cosmetics Sandalwood Essential Oil

A rich, balsamic, sweet fragrance Purpose of use: This essential oil is native to India and used as an air freshener in diffusers. Sandalwood has a clear to orange-brown color and a rich, balsamic, sweet fragrance with delicate wood notes. The essential oil is extracted using steam distillation. Sandalwood essential oil is believed to create